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-Peter J Kim President of ODIGO



ODIGO is the number 1 real estate team in Kirkland, Washington. We are not old school. We are modern professionals who aim to consistently be in the top of our industry, understand best practices and new technologies, and share with others freely all of our accrued knowledge.


The housing market is evolving daily and it vital for home owners and buyers to stay informed by one of the top progressive teams in Washington state. Knowledge is power and the contents in website could mean saving you from losing or gaining thousands of dollars. The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be when your actively in the arena of real estate.


ODIGO is for those who are in or going to be involved real estate. If you are in the market, it will mean saving you the most amount of money in a real estate transaction with the least amount of hassle. *whisper: You may even drive your agent crazy.


We are located at the Keller Williams Eastside 11109 Slater Ave NE #200a Kirkland, WA


ODIGO means "guidance" in greek. We believe in perpetually achieving the highest level of excellence in business and sharing with others knowledge and best practices of the real estate industry with anybody that could benefit. We believe the more we give to the universe, the better our business will be.