Millionaire Buyers Agent Wanted

Are you content with making a little over $30,000 a year? Or selling 3 homes a year which is the ACTUAL average for a real estate agent here in Washington State? If this is you, ODIGO is not for you.

If you want to be a millionaire agent, it is a great time to join or exclusive team at ODIGO in Kirkland.

ODIGO aims to create and cultivate in you a millionaire real estate agent’s mindset and habits. We believe very strongly in investing in yourself first and naturally, allowing your business to grow proportionately to higher incomes. This means working on your mindset FIRST, then subsequently your skills and knowledge about the industry. Every member on ODIGO team will commit to adapt a millionaire agent’s habits, mindset, skills and knowledge on a daily basis.


Our company ODIGO is the Nordstrom’s of the real estate industry. We take pride in quality and excellence in our services and we aim to continuously be at the forefront of technology. We will perpetually seek best practices in our constantly shifting industry. We call ourselves, the modern real estate agents.

We believe in the new school of real estate. Social media and a strong presence on YouTube is important to us and we believe it is the future of real estate. We will hyper focus our target market to the Eastside of seattle, mainly, Kirkland Washington.

Oh and when’s the last time you had fun at work? We work hard here at ODIGO improving our mental capacity daily and yet, we have fun and take pride in what we do.

Our goal is to keep a small team yet we are exclusive as we want ONLY highly motivated, energetic, teachable individuals who are obsessed with excellence in our world.

If you believe you’re a fit and want to know if you match our culture and vision, send your resume to: ODIGOREALTY@GMAIL.COM

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