[ October 10, 2014 ] by Peter Kim
Why You Should Hire A Free Buyers Agent! (video)

You’re right. This day in age, you can probably find homes yourself using the many real estate websites available and it’s easy to drive to the property yourself to see the home. Understanding a real estate transaction is easier because you have all the many online articles and resources that are accessible. You may think you know just as much as a licensed agent and believe they are unnecessary.

Many people believe technology is making real estate agents obsolete. The truth is, a real estate agent’s job is not to simply find you homes and open the door for you. One of the key components, and honestly, the reason why you are hiring them, is because of their knowledge about the real estate transaction, the market, and their ability to NEGOTIATE EFFECTIVELY on your behalf.

We at ODIGO have consistently put thousands into our client’s pockets because of our negotiation skills and practices.

Well you may think, hey I’m a pretty decent negotiator myself. So here’s a question.

What is a key factor that makes you a good negotiator?
It is knowledge about the subject you are negotiating ALONG with, and this is very important, your ability to stay emotionally aloof from the transaction. One of our top agents and designated broker doesn’t even deal with the sale of his own house. He used another agent solely because of the emotional involvement that will deter his judgment during the transaction.

And… keep in mind, great agents have negotiated hundreds of deals and/or had professional training in negotiating real estate transactions.

You may be asking, well an agent is still TOO EXPENSIVE.

Wait… for who? Seller’s are the one who pays the buyers agent’s commission. Do you realize that your buyer’s agent is working for you for free? And he is representing your best interests!

Here is ODIGO’s recommendation. ALWAYS work with a buyer’s agent. It’s necessary and best of all, it’s free.

Remember, ODIGO IS THE WAY TO GO! Connect with us to find out who we personally recommend as a buyer’s agent in your area.


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