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Real Estate Trends in Kirkland 10/23/2014
Kirkland Sellers,

Kirkland waterfront areas are always teeming with happy families and this year is no different. Situated in the middle of Lake Washington, there are always kids splashing in the waters or a sailboat docked in the Marina. Needless to say, waterfront properties in Kirkland are still in demand and are expected to remain so.

Of course, real estate trends also depend on certain factors. For example, Kirkland waterfront homes are more in demand during the summer than during the winter months.

According to a real estate report in 2014, low inventory makes the state of Washington a seller’s market. This means that properties that have the most desirable zip codes are selling faster.

Needless to say, factors such as economy have a sizeable impact on an area’s housing economy as well. Here is how they work –


When an area’s economy is sluggish, so is its real estate. Factors such as GDP, the price of goods, and employment also have an impact on how certain properties will fare. For example, if the tourism industry in Washington experiences a slump, you can expect properties say, Kirkland waterfront homes, to drop as well. This is the same reason why hotels experience a drop in tenants.

Make sure that you analyze how Washington’s economy is faring before you invest in property or decide to sell it. You will have trouble selling it at a good price if the buyer’s market is going stronger as compared to the seller’s market.

Buyer’s and Seller’s Markets

Real estate in Kirkland runs in cycles. This helps investors determine whether it will be more profitable to buy or sell properties. A buyer’s market occurs when there are more properties than there are buyers. For example, if there are more vacant Kirkland houses for sale as compared to buyers looking for them, they would sell for less. However, when there are more buyers on the market than there are sellers, you have a seller’s market on your hands. These are considered to be favorable market conditions for sellers since homes are often sold at asking prices.

It doesn’t matter if you plan on investing in Kirkland or anywhere else; those who benefit from real estate trends are the ones who know when it is right to buy or sell. For instance, sellers know that it makes sense to wait before inventory has decreased before they put their properties up for sale on the Kirkland real estate market. A buyer can bide his time when values are low and spend time on renovations that will increase the value of his property until the Kirkland real estate market shifts again.

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